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When the teams arrived at Crossville Speedway for the final race of Spring Nationals, there were only 6 points separating the drivers in P2-P4 of the point standings. Zach was sitting in P4 and was hoping for a good points night. The lineup for the feature had already been set into place from two weeks earlier when rain arrived before the drivers were able to complete one lap of the feature. Several drivers did not return and a few new drivers showed up and would start in the rear of the field.

Zach started the feature in P7. He fell back to P9 on lap 2 but worked his way up to P6 by lap 6. Around lap 17 he moved into P5 and held onto the position until he was challenged on lap 32. The two drivers raced side-by-side exchanging the positions for the remaining 8 laps of the race. However, it was Zach who eventually won the battle and crossed the checkered flag in P5.

Zach brought home P3 in the final point standings and takes us through the race, "I was struggling a bit with drive-off coming out the corners. There were a number of cautions and I just wasn't very good on the restarts. Really enjoyed racing on this track though -- it's alot of fun. Thanks to all of our marketing partners for their support -- EDI, Napa of Kennesaw, Clint Smith Racing, GW Performance, Hoosier by Brian, Tray Sees Photography and Motorsports Engine."

Leonhardi Motorsports, LLC


This past weekend was very exciting for Zach and our team. Last Friday, Zach got his drivers license so he is now legally able to drive off the track. His 17th birthday was coming up on June 12th. Zach received the best early birthday present he could imagine when he finally got his first win in a late model Saturday night at Senoia Raceway.

Prior to hot laps Zach went out to have a good look at the track surface. There had been a rain shower not long before the pit gates opened and we weren't sure how it would affect the track surface. Based on what he saw, he felt the track would end up slicking up by feature time.

During qualifying Zach was at the top of the leader board in qualifying until Dalton Cook ran a faster lap that bumped Zach down to second quickest.

Zach continued to watch the track surface throughout the night as other divisions raced. The moisture was gradually leaving the track and just as Zach had predicted, the track surface was slicking up. He made a few more adjustments to the car and waited to be called to the grid for his 30-lap feature.

Zach started outside pole in the feature and the second the green flag dropped he charged around the topside and took the lead coming out of turn 2. He immediately started pulling away from the field as he drove down the backstretch. By lap 11 Zach caught the rear of the field and started lapping cars. He continued to sail around the high side of the track building his lead to a half a track over Clint Smith who was in P2. Zach had lapped up to P7 and was running down P5 and P6 who were racing each other for position. Before Zach was able to lap them one of the drivers spun out bringing out the caution on lap 16. On the restart, Zach launched like a rocket into turn one and started flying around the top side inches from the outside wall. He once again caught lap traffic and found himself behind two drivers racing side by side. Zach attempted to thread the needle in between the two cars coming out of turn 2 but the hole closed quickly and he had to back off from the pass. The following lap as they went into turn one, Zach dove between the two cars and made an exciting clean pass. As the laps were counting down we were holding our breath waiting for the white flag. When the checkered flag dropped, Zach was four and a half seconds ahead of Clint Smith who finished P2.

Zach takes us the the race, "The car was on a rail and the track surface was just how I like it. It was the first time I've been able to race consistently on the high side without making any contact with the wall. It feels so good to get that monkey off my back and get that first win. I've been close before several times but just never could get it done. I have to thank my parents for all of their support which allows me to chase my dream and Logan Williamson for his help in the pits. Also have to thank EDI, Napa of Kennesaw, GW Performance, Clint Smith Racing, Hoosier by Brian, Jay Dickens Racing Engines, Rocket Chassis, Tray Sees Photography, Motorsports Engine and All Star Graphix for their support. I would also like to give a shoutout to all of the fans who support short track racing by coming out to the racetracks."