When the teams arrived at Crossville Speedway for the final race of Spring Nationals, there were only 6 points separating the drivers in P2-P4 of the point standings. Zach was sitting in P4 and was hoping for a good points night. The lineup for the feature had already been set into place from two weeks earlier when rain arrived before the drivers were able to complete one lap of the feature. Several drivers did not return and a few new drivers showed up and would start in the rear of the field.

Zach started the feature in P7. He fell back to P9 on lap 2 but worked his way up to P6 by lap 6. Around lap 17 he moved into P5 and held onto the position until he was challenged on lap 32. The two drivers raced side-by-side exchanging the positions for the remaining 8 laps of the race. However, it was Zach who eventually won the battle and crossed the checkered flag in P5.

Zach brought home P3 in the final point standings and takes us through the race, "I was struggling a bit with drive-off coming out the corners. There were a number of cautions and I just wasn't very good on the restarts. Really enjoyed racing on this track though -- it's alot of fun. Thanks to all of our marketing partners for their support -- EDI, Napa of Kennesaw, Clint Smith Racing, GW Performance, Hoosier by Brian, Tray Sees Photography and Motorsports Engine."

Leonhardi Motorsports, LLC

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