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Author: ZachPR

Leftover at 411!

Overall Zach had a great debut at 411 Motor Speedway this weekend. Thirty-three supers were competing for one of the 22 spots in the 50-lap, $5,000 to win feature race. Had a great qualifying effort (3rd in his group -- see video of Zach's qualifying run) which placed him starting on pole in the first heat race (top 4 transfer to feature). On lap 3 of the heat race Zach was in P2. The driver in P3 attempted to slide in front of Zach coming out of turn 4 but didn't clear Zach completely. The two made hard contact with Zach's right front going up in the air and over the side of the other drivers car. Despite incurring right front damage, Zach was able to continue. He finished the race in P2 and secured a transfer spot into the feature. Immediately following the heat race, the team went to work to  Read more

Gobbler at Boyd's!

Zach had a great run at Boyd's. It was his first time making a feature there. He started P16 and brought home a P12 finish in the 50-lap Gobbler. Had a shot at a top 10 but just wasn't able to make that happen (full race results below). Thanks to all of our marketing partners who make it possible for us to race. Next up will be The Leftover, this Saturday at 411 Motor Speedway! Thanks to our supporters: EDI Napa of Kennesaw KirbyMax GW Performance FK Rod Ends Hoosier by Brian  FinishMaster Clint Smith Racing Tray Sees Photography Motorsports Engine

North Georgia Debut!

Zach had an awesome night at North Georgia Speedway Saturday night. The car was fast all night. Zach qualified P3 but fell back a few spots in the early laps. He adjusted his driving technique and found a line the car loved. The 35-lap race went caution free He was gaining a lot of ground on the drivers ahead of him but ran out of laps. He brought home P5 in his debut at this track. Thanks to everyone who supports us! Next Saturday, Zach will be at Boyd's Speedway for The Gobbler. Hope to see you there! Thanks to our supporters: EDI Napa of Kennesaw KirbyMex GW Performance FK Rod Ends Hoosier by Brian FinishMaster Clint Smith Racing Tray Sees Photography Motorsports Engine

Tough Night at Senoia!

While we didn't get the results we had hoped for at Senoia Saturday night, we have to give a HUGE shoutout to everyone who helped us in the pits and our marketing partners! Couldn't do this without y'all! Brian Haggard Logan Williamson Max Tilson Robert Maxwell Tilson EDI KirbyMex NAPA of Kennesaw GW Performance FK Rod Ends Clint Smith Racing Hoosier by Brian  FinishMaster Tray Sees Photography Motorsports Engine

Struggle at Senoia!

Last night Zach seemed to be picking up where he left off last week at Senoia. We had a strong qualifying effort, P3 out of 17 supers, which is half the battle. Just didn't make all the right adjustments for the feature and ended up with the nose of the car digging into the track which resulted in Zach not being able to make any forward progress. Zach made the decision to pull off on lap 20 to save his equipment. Would have liked to have had better results, but this was definitely a learning experience that will we be able to put to good use down the road. With Senoia off next weekend, we are discussing several options for where to race next weekend. Once we know where we will be, we will share on this page. Thanks to everyone who supports us including our crew last night, Logan Williamson and Joshua Hicks. EDI NAPA of Kennesaw KirbyMex GW Performance FK Rod Ends Clint Smith Racing Hoosier by Brian FinishMaster Tray Sees Photography Motorsports Engine

Hard Charger at Senoia!

The Zach Attack put on a show in the Super feature at Senoia Raceway. He qualified 2nd out of 14 supers, but started on the inside of the front row next to Bubba Pollard (#26) (Pollard set pole and chose to start outside pole) with Kenny Collins (#1c), Lamar Haygood (#17) and Clint Smith (#44) rounding out the top 5 in the starting order for the 25-lap feature. The green flag waved and Zach and Bubba battled hard for several laps with Clint not too far behind. Clint was able to slide past both Zach and Bubba for the lead on lap 7. Zach was able to pass Bubba two laps later and then focused on catching the Cat Daddy. On lap 13, Zach went in too hot on the inside line to try to make a pass and spun out on his own. He restarted in the rear, and from the moment the green flag dropped on the restart, Zach was on a mission to get back to the front. Running the high side making rooster tails with the gumbo and sparks flying from his rear quarter panel  Read more


In racing we use the term "keep diggin", "never give up" and "we love our racing family" alot. This past Sunday evening was a true testament to those phrases. We arrived at Rome Speedway with the goal of making it into the Ultimate Super Late Model Series race. These touring series attract tough competition and usually there are more drivers than spots available in the field. 

Zach was excited to return to Rome Speedway in 2017 after having a year under his belt racing his car. We really did not have any expectations -- just wanted for Zach to make the race and gain more experience. To our surprise Zach went out in full "Zach Attack" mode in hot laps and was 2nd fastest out of 27 drivers (thanks to Clint Smith Racing for the "Rocket" ship). However, qualifying did not go as well as we had hoped and he was forced to race in a B Main to make it into the feature. On a restart following a caution, Zach was involved in an incident with a few other cars and had to be towed off the track due to the damage sustained. 

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Saturday night Zach returned to Senoia Raceway hoping to improve his P6 finish from April 29th.  He went out in qualifying and on his 2nd lap he bumped his mentor, Clint Smith, off the pole and took it for himself!  Zach and Smith started on the front row side by side and led the field to green for the 25-lap feature race.  On the start of the race, Clint had the advantage on the top side and was able to beat Zach back to the flag-stand.  Zach fell to P3 on lap 3 when he was passed by Travis Pennington. Tod Darda challenged Zach for the P3 position for several laps.  The two raced really hard but Zach finally was finally able to pull away and have some breathing room.  He finished the race in P3!  


Following the exciting P2 finish at Senoia with the Ultimate Super Late Model Series, Zach was hoping to keep the positive momentum going and bring home another good finish.  After hot laps the team made a few adjustments to the car.  Zach qualified 6th and was hoping to be able to move up through the field during the race.  Although Zach raced hard and was on the tail of the 5th place driver a few times, he just couldn't complete the pass.  He finished the caution-free race in 6th place.


This past Saturday night will be one that the team will remember for a long time.  The Ultimate Super Late Model Series was at Senoia Raceway and was offering a $4,000 prize to the winner.  33 drivers were there to battle for one of the 24 spots available in the 40-lap feature race.  The team had an outstanding test session Friday night and was hoping Zach would be able to make the race and have a solid finish.  The field was stacked with many more experienced drivers so Zach really had to focus on having a good qualifying run so he would have a good chance of making it into the race.  
The night started off promising as Zach was third fastest overall in the hot lap practice session.  For qualifying, the field was spilt into two groups with the top five fastest in each group transferring straight into the feature.  The remaining drivers would compete in one of two heat races with the top six finishers from each heat race making it into the big show.  The final two spots were points provisionals which Zach wasn't eligible for since this was his first appearance with the Ultimate Series this year.  
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