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Author: ZachPR


Zach Wins Again

SenoiaVL62015Not long after the team arrived at Senoia Raceway Saturday, they were wondering if Zach would be able to get on the track at all that night. The skies opened up before hot laps and the rain came down really hard. As the rain ended, a rainbow formed in the sky above the track. Maybe Mother Nature knew what she was doing after all. The crew at Senoia worked diligently to make sure the races would go on that night.

Due to the rain delay the track announced there would be no heat races. That meant drivers would lineup for their features based on how they drew for starting positions in the heats. Luckily Zach had a good draw and would start outside pole (2nd) out of 11 legend cars. Only a few legends went out for hot laps and Zach was one of them. The track was very slick but Zach was able to give his crew chief some input on what adjustments to make before the feature.

When the green flag dropped in the feature race, Zach wasted no time getting to the front of the pack. There were only two cautions and Zach was able to retain his lead on the restarts. During the final laps of the race, Jason Treschl did make a charge to challenge Zach, but Zach was able to stay out front and take the checkered flag for the 3rd time at Senoia.

Zach said, "This is a great Father's Day gift to my dad. I think going out for hot laps was the right call. We watched how the track was changing throughout the night so he made an air pressure adjustment just before we went out for the feature and I think it really helped. I would like to thank the crew at Senoia for working so hard on the track so we could get the races in tonight."

Zach will be doing double duty this weekend. He will return to Anderson Motor Speedway in South Carolina this Friday night and onto Senoia Raceway on Saturday night.


Zach Brings Home Two 2nd Place Finishes

IMG_20150612_221725_resizedFriday, June 12th, was not just an ordinary day for Zach. It was his 14th birthday and he was going to Anderson Motor Speedway to race that evening. One of the team's primary focuses in 2015 is to improve Zach's skills on the larger 3/8-mile tracks on asphalt. While he's had good finishes at Anderson in the past, he has never been able to run up front competing with the leaders. That all changed on Friday.

The team brought a new setup that Zach hadn't ran before at Anderson. During hot laps and qualifying, Zach ran lap times which placed him about mid-pack in the 13-car field. The Crew Chief went to work and made some changes hoping it would help Zach in the feature. Zach started the feature from 5th place and from the drop of the green flag it was evident the changes to his car had worked. He quickly moved through the field to the 2nd place position. He and the leader pulled away from the rest of the field and battled hard. There were several cautions during the race and on the restarts Zach had to restart to the outside of the leader. It was a challenge but he was able to get back down to the bottom of the track quickly, securing himself in the 2nd place position behind the leader. Zach finished the 20-lap race in 2nd place -- his best finish so far at Anderson. He also ran the fastest single lap of all of the drivers during the feature race, gaining nearly two and and half tenths from his qualifying lap time. One thing to keep in mind is at Anderson they combine all of the legend divisions and run them all together. Zach was running up front with drivers who are classified as Pros and have more experience than Zach. Zach is able to learn alot from racing with these guys.

The following day, Zach returned to Senoia Raceway to race his dirt legend. The team made the decision not to go out for hot laps. The track had just been watered and was very slick. Zach and his dad both knew that the track conditions would be very different when Zach went out for the heat race and they may not be able to learn very much about the car's handling during the 3-lap practice session.

Zach had drawn pole for the 1st heat race for the legends. Jason Treschl (#90) was starting outside pole. Jason and Zach have had a history of some close racing with each other so the anticipation was high for a close, exciting race. The two battled hard for the lead during the entire 6-lap heat race. Zach won by the nose of his car securing the pole for the feature. You can watch the 6-lap heat race at this link:

The feature was up next. On the first lap a car ran up the wall on the back stretch and flipped several times. This brought out the red flag. The driver was ok although the car was probably totaled but the car did it's job in protecting him. There was a complete restart. The racing among the cars from 2nd-6th place was the some of the most intense racing action we have seen at Senoia. There was contact at times due to the close, hard racing. One time Zach got completely sideways in the middle of turn one. He was able to make the save and quickly regained the positions he had lost. Although Zach gave it everything he had he couldn't bring home the win and had to settle for 2nd place. Here is a video from the feature:

As you know Zach runs a go pro camera inside his car. We recently added another go pro that is rear facing so we can see what is happening behind him. Zach created a video that combines the two go pros from the Senoia feature race and you can watch it here:

Zach stated, "I would like to thank Doug Stevens for providing us with the awesome new setup and the great tires for Anderson. It felt really good to finally be able to run up front with the leaders." He said this about Senoia, "The drivers at Senoia are becoming more competitive each week. I had a blast racing with Jason during the heat race and the other drivers during the feature. It was some of the closest racing we've had at Senoia and I can't wait to come back next week. I can't thank my parents and sponsors enough for their support with my racing."

Overall it was a very successful racing weekend for Zach. We will be returning to Senoia Raceway this Saturday night, June 20th. You can follow Zach's racing on Twitter/Instagram @zlracing24, on the "Leonhardi Motorsports" page on Facebook and on his website,


Results from Anderson Motor Speedway

The team went to Anderson Motor Speedway on Friday June 5th. Zach qualified 8th out of 15 cars. The crew chief made some changes to the car and it appeared to help Zach during the feature race. However, around halfway, a car spun bringing out the caution. While Zach was driving around under caution his motor began to smoke. He came into the hot pit and the crew chief determined that the mechanical issue with the engine could not be repaired so our night ended early. Hoping for better luck when we return to Anderson on Friday, June 12th (Zach's 14th birthday).

Zach on PRN at the Track's radio Show

Zach was a guest this week on PRN's At the Track radio show. Listen to Zach talk about racing at Senoia Raceway on dirt and his racing plans for this summer.

Listen on the PRN mobile app (download to your cell phone), or at this link GOPRN


Zach Returns to Victory Lane at Senoia

Zach was in full "Zach Attack" mode Saturday night at Senoia Raceway. The night started with a great draw for outside pole in the heat race. Zach led every lap of the 6-lap heat securing the pole position for the legends feature race.

"The car was perfect in the heat race", Zach explained. "The track was smooth, very fast and had a lot of grip."

Zach led the field to green for the 15-lap feature. However, Zach's car didn't handle quite as well as it had in the heat race and Zach really had to work to retain the lead throughout the race. There were several cautions and the restarts were intense. Zach explained, "I was getting alot of pressure from Pilgram (#73) and Treschl (#90). We had a hard battle last week and it was the same this week. It wasn't an easy win at all. I was really struggling in turns 3 & 4 to get the car to turn. I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold Pilgram and Treschl off." However, Zach managed to stay out front, leading every lap of the feature and brought home his second win at Senoia Raceway!

Zach stated, "I would like to thank my sponsors and marketing partners for their support and my dad for all of the work he does managing the car. I'm really having a great time racing dirt!"


Zach Wins on Dirt at Senoia

Zach 1st Senoia VictoryZach started racing legends on dirt in March 2015 and it didn't take long for him to find Victory Lane. With the exception of his first race in a dirt legend, Zach has been consistently finishing in the top four. However, in order to be able to bring home a win some changes had to be made to the car's handling. The Crew Chief (Zach's dad) went to work and when Zach completed hot laps Saturday evening he knew the car would be more competitive.

Zach started the feature in 6th place, but early on had to restart in the rear of the pack when a car spun in front of him. Contact was made but Zach's car escaped damage. Once the field went back to green, Zach started working his way through the field to the front. There were several more cautions and Zach had strong restarts. He battled his way to the front taking it three-wide at times. He was hungry for his first win in a legend on dirt and it showed. At the end of the 15-lap feature Zach had secured his first victory!

Zach stated, "I would like to thank my marketing partners, sponsors and my parents for all of their support! I would also like to thank the Hicks family (Joshua drives the #56 legend on dirt). Joshua encouraged me to try racing a legend on dirt and his dad, Scott, has been very helpful in offering advice to my dad to improve the setup."

The night before Zach's first win in a legend on dirt, Zach raced at Anderson Motor Speedway in South Carolina on a 3/8 mile banked asphalt track and finished 5th out of 16 legends. Zach had not raced at Anderson since July of 2014. Once again his Crew Chief made major changes to the setup of Zach's asphalt car and by the end of the night, Zach was running within a tenth of the leader.

Although Zach won three of the races in the Winter Flurry series at Atlanta Motor Speedway, he came up two points short and placed 2nd in the series. For the first time since Zach began racing bandoleros, he will not be competing regularly in the Thursday Thunder series at Atlanta Motor Speedway this summer. Instead the team is going to be focusing on racing at Anderson Motor Speedway on a regular basis. Zach will be competing in two special racing events at Anderson in 2015 as well. The first will be the "Summer Slam - Road to Nationals" August 14th in the new Xtreme Racing Series. This is a special racing series with higher purses for drivers. Zach is also planning to compete in the 2015 INEX Asphalt Nationals at Anderson Motor Speedway November 12-14th. This is the national competition for legend cars in 2015. The team may also race a few select races on other asphalt tracks as his schedule permits.

Zach will also continue to compete in the Dirt Legends of GA series at Senoia Raceway and Cochran Motor Speedway which includes a special event at Senoia Raceway Labor Day Weekend -- the Xtreme Racing Series "Driven Steering Wheels -Duel in the Dirt 25's" on September 4-5th.

Zach is excited about the team's racing plans for 2015. On a personal note Zach will be finishing up his last year in middle school next week and will begin attending high school in the Fall.

You can keep up to date with Zach's racing plans and results on his website,, by following his racing Facebook Page, "Leonhardi Motorsports" or by following on Twitter/Instagram "@zlracing24".