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This past Saturday night at Senoia, Zach qualified 10th out of 14 Super Dirt Late Models. Even though his qualifying results didn't reflect it, Zach knew he had a fast car. When the 25-lap race went green, Zach knew he had some work to do. Early in the race he was stuck in a tight pack of cars and wasn't able to gain many positions. With two laps to go the caution came out due to a car spinning out. The first attempt at a restart was not successful as a car spun in turn 2. The second attempt was a success and Zach drove hard trying to advance his position. He ended up with an 8th place finish.

Zach explained, "I really liked the track conditions tonight. I just made a mistake in qualifying that put me near the rear of the field. The car handled great during the race. Clint Smith and his crew continue to provide me with great equipment every week. We will keep working and hopefully we will be able to bring home some better results."

This Saturday night is "Family Night" at Senoia Raceway with special ticket pricing for families. Details are below:

This Saturday, July 16th FAMILY NIGHT at Senoia Raceway (and Watermelon Eating Contest) Special ‘family pack’ of four tickets (2 adults/2 kids); four hot dogs and four fountain drinks for only $40! Pits Open at 4pm. Grandstands at 5pm. Hot Laps at 6:30pm. Racing at 7pm. Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, B Cadets, Hobby Stock, Bombers and Mini Stock! Grandstand Tickets: $12; Ages 5-12 $5; 4 and under free Pit Passes: $25; Ages 5-12 $20; 4 and under free

We appreciate the your continued interest and support!

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This past Saturday at Senoia did not start out very well for Zach. The track surface was very slick and dry making it very challenging for the super late model drivers. When the track is like this, the driver has to modulate the gas pedal very carefully in order not to spin the tires. If the tires spin and get hot, then there goes your traction. Zach went out for qualifying and unfortunately he spun his tires. It resulted in him qualifying last in the 11-car field. He was disappointed and knew he had some work to do in the feature. The crew made a few minor adjustments and sent Zach out for the feature race.

It didn't take Zach long to start picking off cars. On lap 7, Zach had worked his way up to P8. He barely missed hitting a car that spun out in front of him in between turns 3 & 4. This brought out the first caution. Zach restarted in P8 but got shuffled back to 9th on the back stretch. He worked his way through he field to P7 then the caution waved once again for another car spinning out. Zach restarted in P7. Zach was able to secure P5 in just a few laps. He was chasing down Lamar Haygood in P4 and racing Bubba Pollard on his outside. As they were coming through turns 3 & 4 to take the white flag, Bubba had the momentum to pass both Haygood and Zach on the outside. Zach brought home a 6th place finish.

Here are the links to the two videos from Saturday's race at Senoia Raceway. One is an outside spectator view and the other is from Zach's Go Pro inside the car. Zach starts last and brings home 6th place. Clint Smith, driving the #17 of Marcus Caswell, led every lap. Bubba Pollard made his dirt SLM debut in Clint's #44 SLM. The in-car sounds a little strange because the Go Pro is in a waterproof case. Spectator View: Zach's View:


Last week was full of ups and downs for the team. It started on a positive note with Zach coaching several of the legends drivers at a practice at Atlanta Motor Speedway. The following night at Thursday Thunder Zach's coaching really paid off -- Cale Hall, went to Victory Lane for the first time and Canon Cochran finished 2nd out of 14 drivers. Both of these kids drive one of Zach's former legend cars in the Young Lions Division. It was good to see the #24 (Cale still runs Zach's wrap on the car) back in Victory Lane! This Thursday night at AMS NASCAR driver, David Ragan, will be racing in the Legend's Pro Division. Should be a great night of racing!

On Saturday the team went to Senoia Raceway. Zach was really fast in hot laps and qualified 4th for the feature. The track surface was changing and becoming more challenging as the night went on. By the time the supers went out to race the surface was probably the most challenging Zach has raced on to date. Early in the feature Zach tapped the wall on the backstretch. He began to struggle with the car's handling and decided to pull off early and save his equipment. He still brought home a 9th place finish. Clint Smith Racing will be going through the car to make some adjustments and to check to make sure nothing is broken before the next race.

We will be returning to Senoia this Saturday night. Here is more info:

This Saturday, June 18th THE WATERLESS BOAT RACE at Senoia Raceway!!! No water! No trailers! No rules! (well kinda some) It will be total boat destruction and everyone will be on their feet! Plus, a full night of action packed racing on the 'Bull Ring'!!! Super Late Model, Limited Late Model, Crate Late Model B Cadet, Hobby, Bomber and Mini Stock Pits open at 4pm. Grandstands at 5pm. Hot laps at 6:30pm. Racing at 7pm. Tickets are $12; ages 5-12 are $5; Four & under are free.


Zach may be out of school for the summer but he's been really busy. Here's a look at what he's been up to so far:

On Friday, May 27th, the team traveled up to Boyd's Speedway in Ringgold, GA for Ray Cook's OMG Spring Nationals. Forty-six Super Late Models showed up for a chance to make it into the 22-car field. There was $4,000 on the line for the winner. It was a very tough field and Zach had to run a consi race but came up two spots short. Even though he didn't make the feature, he wasn't disappointed. He felt he learned alot and can't wait to return to the track in the future.

The following night (May 28th), the team went to Senoia Raceway for their weekly local show. He qualified 6th but overdrove for the first 15 or so laps and dropped to 9th and that's where he finished. He felt the last 7-8 laps were his fastest as his driving technique improved but he just couldn't make up any track position since the race went caution free.

On Sunday (May 29th) the team went to Rome Speedway for the Ray Cook's OMG Spring Nationals -- $6,000 to win race. Twenty-seven Super Late Models were there to compete and again only 22 would make the show! Zach didn't qualify well and had to start last (11th) in the consi race. He needed to make it to P8 to transfer into the A Main. He wasn't able to make it to the transfer spot so the team thought their night was over. Then an official informed them that they could use a provisional (based on points in the series) to get into the race. We took the provisional and the team went to work making adjustments to the car. During driver introductions while the cars were sitting on the front stretch, Zach suddenly pulled off of the track and went into the pits. His right front tire was flat. There wasn't enough time to change it and get him back on the track before the feature started so once again the team thought they would just be spectating the remainder of the night. On the first lap there was a multi-car wreck and the red flag came out. An official informed Zach and his dad if they could get the tire changed, Zach could return to the track because no laps had been completed. So Zach was back in the race!

The 50-lap race had several cautions but Zach ran hard, stayed out of trouble and brought home a 12th place finish! So even though the night was full of ups and downs it ended on a positive note!

The following Thursday, June 2nd, Zach went to Atlanta Motor Speedway. It was the first race in the Thursday Thunder series and even though he wasn't racing he was very busy at the track. Zach coached several of the new legend drivers and spotted for a driver in the Pro class.

Friday night, June 3rd, Zach went to Tazewell Speedway in Tennessee to watch the Lucas Oil Super Dirt Late Model Series. The track has very steep banking and is very fast. Of course Zach can't wait for a chance to race on it himself.

Senoia Raceway was closed on June 4th but Zach, along with about 14 other drivers rented the track to practice. Zach made over 60 laps, practicing his driving technique on the gumbo clay.

Zach said, "I would like to thank my dad and Clint Smith Racing for all of their help with the car Memorial Day weekend. It was awesome to be able to travel to three different tracks in three days. I feel practice went well at Senoia Saturday night and am looking forward to next week's race."

Zach will be back on the track at Senoia Raceway on Saturday, June 11th. The following day is Zach's 15th birthday so he is hoping for a good night.

Thanks for your interest and support!


On Saturday, May 21st, Zach brought home 7th place, his best finish so far in a Super Late Model. This was following a somewhat disappointing night the week prior when the team went to Senoia Raceway in hopes of competing in the 2nd Annual Billy Clanton Classic Race with the Southern All-Stars. That night only 24 cars would be able to compete in the A Main.

Zach had high hopes for making this race. However, qualifying didn't go as planned and Zach was forced to race in one of the two consi races. The top 6 from each consi would transfer into the A Main. Zach started 7th out of 11 cars. On lap 2 the car in front of Zach got sideways going into turn one and Zach checked up to avoid making contact. The driver behind Zach, however, did not check up and ran into Zach, lifting up the rear of Zach's car and spinning Zach around. Zach's car only had cosmetic damage but he would have to restart in the rear of the field. Two of the 10 laps in the consi race were already in the books so Zach had some work to do. Zach drove hard to get to the transfer spot, but the race went caution-free and he was only able to make it back up to 8th place.

Zach said, "Clint Smith made an adjustment to the car after qualifying that really helped in the consi. I feel confident that if I hadn't been involved in the incident early in the race, I would have been able to make it into the A Main. I really hated to sit this one out, but will keep moving forward and learning more about racing these cars. Thanks to CSR, my dad and Logan Williamson for all of their help."

The following Saturday, May 21st, Zach returned to Senoia Raceway. The track made revisions to their racing program hoping to complete all racing earlier in the evening. One revision included only allowing the Super Late Models one lap of qualifying and cutting the feature from 30 laps to 25 laps. The changes were a success and our race was completed around 10pm -- all races were completed by 10:30pm.

Zach qualified 6th out of 15 Super Dirt Late Models. He got bottled up on the first several laps of the feature and had to fight hard to bring home a 7th place finish -- his best so far in a Super Dirt Late Model.

Zach takes us through the race, "Clint's adjustments really helped the car in the feature. I raced really hard side by side for about 12-15 laps with the #17 of veteran driver, Lamar Haygood, but just didn't have the momentum to pass him on the inside. My right rear tire got a little hot and I lost some traction near the end of the race, but I'm very happy with where I finished. I would like to thank Clint Smith Racing, my dad and Logan Williamson for all of their help with the car."

This weekend will be a busy one for Zach. Friday evening, 5/27, Zach will make his debut at Boyd's Speedway in Ringgold, GA. Zach has made some laps at the track before when he went to the Dale McDowell Driving School at the track a few months ago. Saturday (5/28) evening, Zach will return to Senoia Racway to play in the gumbo. On Sunday (5/29) , the team will return to Rome Speedway. The Ray Cook OMG (Old Man's Garage) Spring Nationals Series will be in town at Boyd's and Rome. These two races have a higher payout than a regular show. Senoia will be a regular racing program, however, they will have fireworks to celebrate Memorial Day. There is a possibility we will run at Tri County in Brasstown, NC on Monday in the Ray Cook OMG (Old Man's Garage) Spring Nationals Series but we will not make a decision until later in the weekend.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country! Leonhardi Motorsports, LLC

Mother Nature Wins at Senoia

Unfortunately the race at Senoia Raceway on April 30th was rained out. We will return next Saturday, May 7th, to Senoia for their regular racing program. See details below:


All kids age 12 & under will receive free admission to the grandstand, if they bring along mom! Hobby Stock & Bomber Special events paying each $500 to win! Plus, Bomber driver autograph session! Pits Open at 4pm. Grandstands at 5pm. Hot Laps at 7pm. Racing at 7:30pm. Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, B Cadets, Hobby Stock (special), Bombers (special) and Mini Stock! Grandstand Tickets: $12; 12 and under free (w/paid adult admission ticket) Pit Passes: $25; Ages 5-12 $20; 4 and under free

In the mean time, here are the links to the videos from the Ray Cook OMG Spring Nationals at Senoia. The first video is Zach's first time in the "4-wide salute". This is a tradition in these big series races. Prior to the start of the feature race, the drivers line up 4-wide and make a slow lap around the track saluting the fans by waving to them from their cars. The second video is of the race.


This past Saturday we had a new sponsor on Zach's car, "The Beez Freeze" and Zach sure created some BUZZ after what he accomplished Saturday night at Senoia Raceway at the Ray Cook OMG Spring Nationals at Senoia Raceway. Some of the "Big Boys" from super late model racing were in town to try and grab the $6,000 prize for the winner.

There were 26 cars trying to make it into the 22-car field for the feature. Zach's goal was just to make it into the show. The drivers were divided into two qualifying groups -- Group A and Group B. The top two drivers from each group are locked into the main feature and would race a 4-lap dash to determine their final starting positions. The remaining drivers were placed in heat races with only a select number transferring into the feature. Zach laid down two super fast qualifying laps. He was second quickest in his group (Group A) which locked him into the feature and into the 4-lap dash. He was joined in the dash with Chris Madden, Clint Smith and Tyler Millwood. He finished 4th in the dash.

He started 4th in the feature, completed all 50 laps and finished on the lead lap in 12th place. Madden won the feature taking the $6,000 prize, Shane Clanton was 2nd and Tyler Millwood was 3rd.

Zach's weekend wasn't over. On Sunday he went to Rome Speedway in Rome GA -- a really fast half mile track. He was attempting to make it into another big show in the Ultimate Supers Series event -- $4,000 to win. He first attempted to make it into an Ultimate race at Smokey Mountain Speedway a few weeks ago but didn't make the cut. There were 28 drivers at Rome Speedway attempting to make the race. Zach made the show, starting 20th and finished19th.

Zach was a guest on The Short Track Racing Show this past Monday night. We have posted his portion of the show on our Facebook Page, "Leonhardi Motorsports" and it's posted on The Short Track Racing Show's Facebook page as well.

If you are on Facebook, be sure to follow "The Southern Short Track Report". Chris Carr does a video report every Sunday that covers local dirt track races. He has some great stuff to say about Zach in the video report from Sunday April 25th. It's in the first few minutes of his video. We would really appreciate it if you "like" and "share" his video on your personal page! Also follow Zach on Twitter and Instagram @zlracing24.

Here's a quote from Zach about his weekend: "My goal was to just make the two shows this past weekend. To secure a spot in the dash at Senoia was amazing. During the features I was able to race with some of the top drivers in the country and gain a lot of experience. After not making the last Ultimate race at Smokey Mountain, it felt great to get in the show. Thanks to Clint Smith Racing for the awesome setups on my car and personal coaching from Clint on both tracks. I also appreciate the help in the pits from Logan Williamson, Michael Queen and Ashton Winger. I also would like to thank my mom and dad for all of their support that allows me to do what I love to do."

Zach will be back at Senoia this Saturday night, April 30th. It will be a regular racing show for the super late models. Leonhardi Motorsports

Zach Brings Home Another Solid Finish at Senoia

The team was unable to go to TriCounty Raceway on Friday night as planned but did go to Senoia Raceway this past Saturday night. Although this was a regular racing program (not a big money race), a total of 21 super late models were on hand to compete. This was mainly due to the World of Outlaws Late Model Series event in Tennessee being cancelled due to weather. Several of the best drivers in the country including, Shane Clanton, Brandon Overton, and Chase Junghans decided to come down and play in the gumbo clay at Senoia. Hot laps went well, however, it was especially challenging due to the slick track conditions. Even some of the most experienced drivers struggled with the handling of their cars. Zach qualified 16th and discussed with the pit crew what changes could be made to make the car better for the feature. The initial start of the feature was waved off due to a car spinning so the drivers lined up for a complete restart. Once the green flag flew, Zach was in a pack racing for awhile until they were able to spread out. Although Junghans (#18) qualified pole, Overton (#76) and Clanton (#25) went to the front with Junghans not too far behind. These World of Outlaws drivers proved how well their experience racing on the gumbo-style clay paid off and were the class of the field. Meanwhile, Zach was very busy racing for position as the leaders were approaching from behind. The drivers aren't allowed to have rearview mirrors or spotters but Zach knew they were closing in when he received the signal from the flagman and was told over his radio from the officials "leaders are coming". Zach held his line while the leaders passed him one by one. Overton (#76) passed on the inside followed by Clanton (#25), then Junghans (#18) followed not too far behind. It was a little more difficult for the #18 to lap Zach because Zach was involved in racing other cars for position. Junghans was patient and waited until the moment was right and gave Zach a tap from the inside so Zach knew he was there and Zach gave him room to get by. All of the leaders treated Zach with respect and passed him cleanly. The changes the pit crew made to the car were paying off and Zach was feeling more comfortable as the laps counted down. The 30-lap feature went caution-free and Zach brought home 13th place! Zach felt good after the race and added, "The changes the pit crew made helped to give me more grip and more control of the car. The track was slicker than it had been before and was very challenging. I feel like I learned alot tonight and hope to be able to qualify further up in the field in future races. We really didn't expect the car count to be as high as it was but it's cool to be able to race with some of the best drivers in the country." The link to the video from Zach's race is below: If you would like to watch the video from Zach's in car view, click here:

Zach Brings Home a Solid Top 10 Finish at Senoia

On Saturday, March 19th, the team returned to Senoia Raceway. It had been six months since Zach had actually raced on the track and it would be his debut in the super late model at this track. He looked good in hot laps (3 laps of practice). During qualifying Zach felt the car wasn't handling quite right. The crew discovered a broken part in the rearend of the car. He ended up qualifying 10th out of 15 super late models. The pit crew went to work to repair the car so Zach would be ready for the feature. The 30-lap race went caution free and Zach had worked his way up to 8th at one point. He ended up bringing home a 9th place finish. Zach stated, "First I would like thank Doug Stevens and his crew for working so hard to get my car repaired from last week so I could race this week. I also have to thank Clint Smith and his crew for all of their assistance with getting my car fixed after qualifying. Also my dad, Logan Williamson and Joshua Hicks were a huge help throughout the night. Tonight was a great learning experience and I can't wait to get back on the track!". You can watch a video of the race filmed from outside the track here:

Zach practices in dirt late model

This past Saturday night, the team went to Senoia Raceway for an open practice. Zach strapped in his dirt late model for the first time and made some laps. Earlier in the day Zach spent some time in the track parking lot practicing how to shift gears in the car. This was Zach's very first time driving the car. We would like to thank Gary Winger and Doug Stevens for all of their help getting Zach on the track in his dirt late model for the first time! Below are links to two videos from Zach's last practice runs of the evening -- one taken from the top of our trailer in the infield and the other is Zach's view from his go pro. Go Zach Go!